Home improvement usually takes a lot of creativity, time and at times even a significant amount of cash to get right. However, there is always an added advantage when you are doing your home improvement yourself because the satisfaction that you derive from seeing one of your handmade items outstanding as one of the best pieces anywhere within your compound is always more fulfilling than that one you derive from items you bought from elsewhere. Bearing this in mind, we have always kept it a tradition to give you the best pieces of DIY in order to get the best out of your home. Landscaping is one of the most important aspects of home improvement and it says a lot about your personality, taste and style. In keeping up with our tradition, each of our DIY pieces is tailored to help you greatly enhance your home while at the same time making big money savings. Shredded rubber mulch is one of the cheapest, most amazing and creative ways of improving the aesthetics of your compound in addition to the traditional ways such as maintaining flower gardens and lawns. In addition, shredded rubber mulch is very environmentally-friendly because it is a typical case of reusing materials which have been dumped. You will need the following materials:

  • 1 car tyre, a shredder that is strong enough to shred rubber
  • 3 litres of readily prepared paint in a colour of your liking
  • A pair of gloves
  • A stirring rod
  • A flat and dry surface for drying.

The following are the steps to follow while preparing shredded rubber mulch:

  1. Search for a rubber material that is large enough to cover the area you have prepared to cover in mulch. In case you are using car tyres that are the easiest to get, then you would have to get the wires in the tyre removed.
  2. Next up, you should get a shredder that is strong enough to shred the rubber material into very small pieces.
  3. Next up, you should collect the shredded mulch and put it in a container.
  4. Colour the shredded mulch by inserting the mulch inside the readily prepared container of paint. Stir to ensure that the mulch is completely mixed.
  5. Remove the mulch from the paint using gloves and place them on the surface you had prepared to dry.
  6. Wait for about three hours for the paint to dry completely.

Your shredded rubber mulch is now ready for use. You can place the mulch on a prepared ground, preferably near the entrance to your house. The ground should ideally be dug in a stylish shape and you should ensure that the mulch covers the area completely and that the ground is not visible. Shredded rubber mulch has the advantage of being very long lasting and it is not easily blown away by wind and neither does it absorb water, meaning that they can remain intact even after long periods of rain. You can always go for different colour combinations for your mulch in order to spice up the visual appeal of your lawn.

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